Tuesday, November 22, 2011

November 14-18

For the past two weeks at La Guardería, we have had many exciting activities. One of our student volunteers, working with our Guardería Coordinator, planned a series of lessons in which the children were able to learn how our feelings can affect our reactions. The children learned that events that occur throughout the day might affect how they feel which can cause us to overreact or use methods of expression that they otherwise would not consider. Our student volunteer and our coordinator planned a few group exercises to make tangible these lessons. The children loved the activities. Even though the activities were meant to cause frustration, the children realized the stressor, took a moment to calm down, and completed the activity without shouting or becoming angry.

Another great addition to our student body was a group of Norwegian students that brought with them not only a significant donation, but also a love for the children at the Guardería. In a show of appreciation, the children prepared and presented four of their indigenous dances.

After the children completed their dances, the Norwegian students presented a piñata as a rare gift for all of the children at La Guardería. Even though all of the children were elated beyond words, the students were just as excited to bring a few moments of carefree fun and treats to the children of La Guardería.
The Piñata!