Friday, March 9, 2012

Chirijkiak Cantel, 07 March 2012

This week, Carmen visited a group of scholarship recipient mothers in Chirijkiak, Cantel. In addition to distributing scholarship funds, we also plan a lesson or discussion topic related to health, study habits, or the social climate. Because el Día de la Mujer was celebrated this week, we had a long discussion about the role of women in the family and in the work force and the change that women can affect. Additionally we opened up the discussion to the problem of domestic violence- our next discussion that will be led by one of Pop Wuj’s volunteers. 


On Wednesday, a group of student volunteers finished the third stage of the stove in the house of Doña Calendaria- the first stove to be completed for our new group of recipients! 
Thursday morning our coordinator and several volunteers completed the second stage of the safe stove in the Guardería. 

Friday, March 2, 2012

February 29, March 1

Over the last two days, our safe stove project volunteers have worked in two different locations- the house of Doña Calendaria and the Guardería. Although the Guardería already has a safe stove, it has expanded in terms of children creating the need for an extra stove to accommodate the needs of the children. Though the plan of the stove for the Guardería has been modified, it still has all of the benefits of our normal safe stoves. The volunteers were able to complete the first stage.
The other location, the house of Doña Calendaria, saw the completion of the second stage with the help of our Projects Coordinator and several student volunteers. Additionally, the students and our coordinator were accompanied by our liaison to the community, Doña Carmelina.