Wednesday, October 28, 2009

With Help from Everybody!

When we arrived to begin work on the stove, all 7 family members that were home were waiting and ready to help us. They helped us with all the phases of construction that day, and they had an awful lot of fun too. I almost felt like I a member of the family as we all worked together to sift dirt, make clay and concrete, and lay some bricks. Even the 4 year old was getting his hands dirty and helping out.
It was an incredible day with the stove project. Pop Wuj had provided some needed resources (building materials) and some volunteers with instructions and a bit of experience, but the family members themselves played an important role in the construction of their new stove. And the project was so much fun for everyone that the family invited us to come back next week to celebrate the 4 year old´s birthday!

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