Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Gathering materials for our new stove recipients

Today our student volunteers, our coordinator, and many new recipients of our safe stoves set out to gather materials for the 14 new stoves we will be building in the community Llanos del Pinal. First our team bought the “planchas” (the stove tops), the metal for the chimneys and the door for the front of the stove. Next the volunteers took a pickup truck to collect all of the bricks and clay necessary for all of the stoves. Finally, before leaving for Llanos del Pinal, the volunteers collected all of the concrete needed for the stoves.
After a short rest, the volunteers and the women of Llanos spent the late morning and afternoon distributing all of the materials to every house. During this process, Carmen and the safe stove coordinator determined the order of the stoves to be built. Some houses needed to repair certain aspects of their construction in order to maximize the benefits of the stove (or even just to fit the stove into the house). 

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