Thursday, May 31, 2012

Pop Wuj Scholarship Meeting

           This past week mothers and family members of scholarship recipients from various communities met at Pop Wuj to receive scholarships as well as have an educational discussion.  This week’s talk was about domestic violence at home and the spillover it has into bullying at school.  Bullying is a new topic for the Guatemalan school system as the problem is becoming increasingly evident.  Some group members added their own stories and opinions about the effect domestic violence has on children’s performance and behavior in school.  We finished with a snack of chicken tamales, coffee, and cake to show appreciation for the group making the trip to Pop Wuj to participate in the discussion and receive the scholarships. 

Our next scholarship meeting will take place this week at the Family Support Center for mothers whose children attend the Center in Llanos del Pinal.  We will be discussing malnutrition, an important issue facing many scholarship recipients, and we will be preparing a balanced meal with the mothers to put the lesson into practice.

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