Friday, July 13, 2012

La hora de la hora

“La hora de la hora” has arrived at Pop Wuj. The school is running near full capacity with incoming students on summer vacation. This week alone there have been five new arrivals.  The teachers have their hands full with eager learners, while the community development programs have a plethora of enthusiastic volunteers. To say the least, it’s busy! So busy, I haven’t had time to post a proper blog update!!

We recently said bye to our good friends from Timmy Global Health (Timmy).  In addition to their regular medical trips, Timmy also sends a group of high school students (aka Timmy Chiquito) to build stoves with Pop Wuj. This year they helped us complete 10 stoves in Llanos de Pinal. During the course of four days, we ran four separate construction sites in the mornings and afternoons. Don’t worry, in between shifts we rested for lunch at the Family Support Center (formerly La GuarderĂ­a). The hard workers from Timmy put smiles on the face of many stove recipients. Both parties were pleased to have shared a collective experience, in building stoves and in learning another´s culture. Now that the Timmy volunteers have returned to the U.S. , Pop Wuj will finish up its work in Llanos de Pinal and begin a new group of stove recipients in Xepache. See you next year Timmy Chiquito!  For more information about Timmy Global Health, please visit

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