Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Love and Appreciation

   As in years past “Día del Cariño”was celebrated  at the Family Support Center with a handful of PopWuj language school students and a bit of chocolate.What did change is that this year they  used this occasion to create a video to send warm  
 wishes to all the volunteers that have passed through the doors of the Family Support Center over the years.

The song performed by the children was originally sung by a children’s chorale to commemorate the 1979 visit of Pope Juan Paul II. After that performance the Brazilian singer/songwriter Roberto Carlos began singing it, making it famous throughout Latin America. Many Guatemalans can easily recite this famous song

By Roberto Carlos
You are my soul brother in reality, a friend.  In every step and journey you're always with me.  Even though you're a man, you have a soul of a child; the one who gives his friendship, respect and affection.  I remember that together we went through hard times.
And you never changed despite how strong the wind was.  Your heart is a house with opened doors.  You are most true in untrue situations.  In certain hard times that there is in life, we find someone who can help find an exit. 
And that word with power and faith which you gave me, it gives me certainty that you always stood beside me.  You are my soul friend in this journey.  Smiles and hugs I gave you every time we would meet.  You tell me truths with opened phrases.  You are most true in untrue situations.  I don't even have to say, all the things that I'm saying but it's good like this to feel, that you're my great friend……….  Dedicated to those true friends, much love and joy to all.


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