Monday, June 23, 2014

Recycling: Fun in the Sun

Over the last two and half months we have stockpiled a lot of recycling on the roof of Pop Wuj.  We collect plastic, glass, aluminum, tin, and paper in Xela and primarily plastic in Llanos del Pinal at the Family Support Center.

With the help of some fantastic volunteers including Yoli, Edmundo, Hugo, Adam, and Wilder, we were able to recycle all of the materials last week.

Edmundo, Yoli, Amy, and a lot of plastic!

First we worked on the Pop Wuj roof, organizing and preparing the plastic and glass.  Then we carried the aluminum and tin to Don Tito, near Mercado Las Flores.  We sold 13 lbs of aluminum and 10 lbs of other metal for a total of Q42, or about $6 USD.

13 lbs of aluminum and 10 lbs of other metals

In the afternoon, during a brief break from the rain, we took the plastic and glass to Recip.  We recycled 238 lbs of plastic and 96 lbs of glass for a total of Q105 or about $14.

Such strength!  Adam and Wilder load the pick up

Plastic and glass, packed and ready to recycle
Thank you to the wonderful volunteers--without you we wouldn't be able to continue the recycling project at Pop Wuj!

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