Monday, April 13, 2015

Scholarship Meeting in Chirijquiac, March 2015

Text and Photos by Amy Scheuren

In early March, Carmencita and I traveled to Chirijquiac for the monthly Scholarship Program meeting.  We've been rotating the location of the Chirijquiac meeting as much as possible--meeting in various group members' homes so that both Pop Wuj and the group members get to know each other better.  In March we traveled to La Estancia, near Chirijquiac, and met in the home of Doña Angelica Faustina.

As in the other scholarship meetings, we discussed International Women's Day and the situation of women in Guatemala.  We talked about the importance of treating sons and daughters equally, especially in terms of education, food, and chores, and not raising children in households full of machismo.

We will return to Chirijquiac for another scholarship meeting on April 15th with the Pop Wuj Mobile Clinic in tow.  We expect to receive most of the scholarship students' first quarter report cards at that time.

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