Thursday, August 13, 2015

Recycling Again!

On Wednesday August 12th Pop Wuj students, staff, and volunteers helped to recycle an overflowing truckload of various recycable materials. The high season at Pop Wuj resulted in the collection of a LOT of plastic.  I hadn't realized just how much we had collected since our last recycling day in May, but as always, we loaded everything in one trip.

First, many Pop Wuj students showed up at 7am on Wednesday morning to help me prep and re-pack the plastic.  An hour later we had all of the recycling down to street level, waiting for the truck.

We loaded (overloaded?) the truck and made it about a block before we lost the first bag to a left turn.  We reloaded and set out again for Recip, the recycling center on the road to the coast.

At Recip we unloaded and weighed all of the plastic, glass, aluminum, and tin resulting in a Q104 profit!

In total we recycled:
  • 397 lbs of plastic, collected from Pop Wuj, the kids at the Family Support Center, and the safe stove families in Llanos del Pinal
  • 25 lbs of glass, collected from the Pop Wuj students and teachers
  • 6 lbs of tin, collected from the Pop Wuj students and teachers
  • 7 lbs of aluminum, collected from the Pop Wuj students and teachers
It was fanastic to have a group of volunteers to help prep the materials and carry everything down two flights of stairs.  Gracias estudiantes! Special thanks to Wilder for loading the recycling and for the use of his truck!

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