Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Week Two: Una Gran Variedad de Actividades!

Text and Photos by Adam Wohlman

Having just completed my second week here at Pop Wuj, I’ve now been exposed to a bit of everything and have learned quite a bit more about the AsociaciĆ³n’s various projects and how they function. For example, last Wednesday I accompanied a small group back out to Llanos where we successfully completed the construction of yet another Safe Stove, while on Thursday I attended the Nutrition Clinic in Buena Vista, and on Friday I was back in Llanos del Pinal for a joint Mother’s/Scholarship meeting.

A few notes about each experience:

·       STOVES – It was great to see the end result of several weeks of work by Pop Wuj staff, students, and interns. However, the definite highlight was seeing just how happy the recipient family was with the final product. They must’ve stared and smiled at the stove for about 10 minutes after we finished working, and we were all especially grateful for the juice and snacks they provided as a token of thanks.

·    NUTRITION – This was my first experience with the Nutrition Program and it was cool to see everyone in action. The group consisted of five Medical Spanish students, Dr. Herman and Dr. Mirza, Luby, and two interns (Robyn and myself). While Luby, the doctors, and the students measured and weighed babies, provided consultations, and dispensed medication and nutritional supplements, Robyn and I delivered a short presentation on how to maintain a healthy, balanced diet through the consumption of easily accessible, local food items. I also sat in on a few consultations and was able to help translate when needed.

   SCHOLARSHIPS – Though I’ll be working primarily in scholarships, this was my first real introduction to the program, and I attended this meeting more as a spectator to get a feel for the format and introduce myself to the group. The meeting also doubled as a Mother’s Meeting for the mothers of students currently attending the Family Support Center in Llanos del Pinal.  I look forward to getting to know all of the participants over the next several months!

Medical Spanish students, Ellie and Carmel, at the Nutrition Meeting in Buena Vista.

General Projects Coordinator, Robyn, preparing to cut a hole in the roof of the kitchen for the stove's chimney.

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