Friday, June 10, 2016

May's Timmy Brigade

Text by Elizabeth Barnes and photos by Claire Butkus (unless otherwise noted)

Three weeks ago today, our May Timmy Global Health brigade volunteers finished a week of clinics in Xela. Over the course of five days they saw hundreds of patients in Xela, Llanos del Pinal, Pujujil, Xeabaj, and Buena Vista. We'd like to thank the students from the Timmy College Chapter at Butler University and the medical professionals on the trip who donated so much time, expertise, and energy. These volunteers not only work long, hectic days in Guatemala but also spend months fundraising and collecting medical resources to bring on the brigade.

Butler University student Claire Butkus was kind enough to share some of her photos of their experience.

Ten brigade volunteers arrived in Xela a week early to study Spanish at Pop Wuj and take advantage of extracurricular opportunities like hiking Volcán Santa María. (Photo by guide)
Early mornings in the mountains can be incredibly foggy! Start times for brigade days fall between 7 and 8 a.m.
Although professional pharmacists check prescriptions before and after they're filled, the pharmacy couldn't operate without volunteers counting pills and hunting through medication bins for the right medicine.
Medical professionals allow us to see 60-100 patients a day instead of our usual 25.

We're grateful for Timmy's ongoing solidarity with Pop Wuj's medical work and for their dedicated volunteers. We would love to see you return to Guatemala—¡siempre serán bienvenidos acá!

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