Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Fiesta at the FSC

Text and photos by Emily Rempel

On Thursday, April 27 we threw a birthday party for all of the Family Support Center participants who had birthdays between January and April of this year. We had 7 birthday kids for this party: Arturo (13), Jonathan (8), Ingrid (10), Zulmy (8), Moises (7), Brandon (7), and Miguel Angel (11). To celebrate, we brought two piñatas (one for the bigger kids and one for the littler kids), party favours, presents for the birthday kids, and two cakes. The party started off with the piñata for our youngest group of kids!

Yadira and Daniela giving Mario a farewell hug before the piñata fun begins! 
Luis takes a hard swing ... 
...and breaks the stick!
The pequeños scrambling to collect their candy
Rosemeri shows off her loot!
Brandon and Carlos scored big!
Once the candy from the first piñata had all been scooped up by the kids, we strung up the second piñata for our older kids!

Birthday girl Ingrid takes her turn
It's a swing and a miss for Arturo!
Damaris getting ready to take her first swing 
Evelyn shows Mario some muscle!
Sisters Damaris and Zulmy pack up their candy  
After the excitement of the piñatas, we all went inside for presents and cake. First we handed out the party favours; each kid got a little backpack with a couple of treats, a sticker set, and a fun eraser.

Handing out the party favours
Then it was time for cake! Carmen led us all in a round of "Happy Birthday" before the birthday kids blew out their candles and everyone dug into their pieces of cake.

Carmen leads the group in singing "Happy Birthday"

Daniel is too busy enjoying his cake to care about the icing all over his chin!

Yadira follows Daniel's example and doesn't worry about the icing on her eyebrow
Daniel's smile says it all - the party was a sugar-filled blast! Our Family Support Center kids are truly the most wonderful young people. It's so special and so important to celebrate each and every one of them by marking their birthdays with a fiesta. We can't wait until next time, when we celebrate the May to August birthdays!

Daniel's all smiles

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