Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Stoves, 18th of January, 2012

In this photo, one of our students, Max, is sawing a brick in half so that the group can alternate bricks over the three levels of bricks that are established in stage 2.

Today, with 10 volunteers, we were able to split into two teams and work on two separate stoves. The houses that we worked at belonged to Doña Guadalupe and Doña Delia.

In this picture, on of our students, Lindsay, is soaking bricks in order to force the air out of the bricks.

At the first house, the house of Doña Guadalupe, our team of volunteers worked on the second stage of stove building. The second stage involves adding three levels of bricks onto the initial stage. These bricks are secured with a mud mixture and cement.

At our second house, the house of Doña Delia, our volunteer team completed the first stage of the stove was completed. The first stage involves securing a cement blog base on which to mount the rest of the stove.

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