Friday, January 27, 2012

Nutributter; January 19

Last week, we visited our NutriButter families in Buena Vista and La Victoria - moms who have been participating for about 6 months in the program.  As always, we both brought new vitamin and NutriButter supplies and a lesson to improve the mother's knowledge about good nutrition's positive impact on the body.  
This week we focused on the connection between malnutrition and infection, a dangerous cycle that can result in not only continual sickness, but stunted grown and poor development.  While the topic was both difficult to explain and of quite grave content, the level of participation was higher than we'd seen before.  The moms were laughing, chatting, and fully engaging with the material we presented.  With this kind of positive change, we hope that with continued visits and increased comprehension sustainable change will be made for these families' food intake.  

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