Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Mothers Day Celebrations

Last Thursday the Centro de Apoyo Familiar, the Family Support Centre, had their annual mother’s day celebration. Which I had the wonderful pleasure of being my first day at the centre, as the new project coordinator. And what a way to begin! The children had toiled hard to organize and choreograph dances, songs and drama performances. All the mothers and children got involved in hilarious activities including plantain eating and balloon popping contests (without hands of course). Everyone had a great laugh especially the mothers. Some of whom were quite reluctant at first but ended up having a ball. We wrapped up the day with the kids presenting their mothers with some personalized gifts. They all said a few words of heartfelt love, of how much their mothers meant to them. It was an extremely touching and emotional time; there wasn’t a dry eye in the centre, from the kids, the mothers and to the dozen students from Pop Wuj that came along to share in the celebrations.

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