Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Mission, Vision, and Development

With the support of Julie and Anssel, our former General Projects and Environmental Projects Interns, the Family Support Center (formerly La Guardería) has been working hard this year to improve the services and atmosphere that we provide.

Family Support Center staff, Carmencita, Amy, and Julie

During our monthly staff meetings and mothers' meetings, we have been focusing on defining and improving the project.  We have worked with the staff, the mothers, and the older children/youth to identify values and create both a mission and a vision statement. Since creating the mission and vision, we have provided professional development and mothers' activity on self-esteem, conflict resolution, and how to live the values that we have identified.  Professional development continues each month during the staff meetings and mothers meetings.

Small group work during the mothers meeting

Ser un proyecto que gana la confianza de las familias para todos juntos (familia, escuela, y proyecto) dignificar a sus integrantes con valores y amor para su calidad de vida practicando la solidaridad.

Be a project that earns the trust of the families for everyone together (family, school, and project) to dignify its members with values ​​and love for their quality of life by practicing solidarity.

Forjar para el futuro, jóvenes y adultos capaces de realizar con felicidad su labor para el desarrollo de las comunidades y Guatemala con respeto, solidaridad, honestidad, comunicación, y amor.  

Build for the future, youth and adults able to happily perform their work for the development of communities and Guatemala with respect, solidarity, honesty, communication, and love.

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