Monday, June 3, 2013

Family Support Center Updates!

It has been a very busy few weeks out at the family support centre. Firstly we had Lauren an ex Pop Wuj student come out and give a couple yoga classes with the kids. Some took to it like ducks to water and others more like cats, but none the less we all had a great time trying.

Then last week we celebrated Día del Árbol or Arbor Day. We took our usual Thursday activity, with the students from Pop Wuj, on the road to the house of Doña Sylvia, our hard working cook at the centre. Juan, the environmental projects coordinator and Adam the centre coordinator conducted a very informative lesson on the importance of trees in our lives, before everyone making a symbolic planting of 6 trees. Of which we have assigned some of the children the responsibility to look after.
Also this Monday marked the start of the rejuvenated recycling program out at the centre. To prevent the burning of plastic in the homes, we are encouraging the kids to bring their plastic bottles from their homes, schools and the streets. The first few days have been a great success, with hundreds of bottles being brought in. We have started a little competition to see which kids can bring the most bottles, so we will update you with this month’s winners in a couple weeks time.

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