Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Boston College Timmy Brigade

A long but fun-filled week with the Timmy Brigade from Boston College.  Over five days we saw approximately 430 hundred patients at the various mobile clinics in Concepción Chiquirichapa, Xeabaj, Pujujil, and Buena Vista, before closing out the week with a full-day clinic at Pop Wuj.  

Patients ranged from Christian just barely two weeks old being by Dr. Shwartz  (photo above), to seniors well into their 70‘s.  Some patients arrived very early in the morning, to ensure they had a chance to see the Timmy health practitioners.  The volunteers were a fountain of energy, and despite nearly 12 hour days at the clinic they still managed to find time to participate in a chocolate tasting and lecture at Doña Pacha, and show of their salsa moves at La Parranda following a lesson with Nestor from Bakano’s salsa.

A big thank you to Timmy Global Health and all of the students and coordinators at Pop Wuj that made this week possible. 

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