Saturday, August 10, 2013

This month’s scholarship distribution and a special presentation by students from our social work program on Effective Communication With Your Child

A few of the mothers from Llanos Del Pinal - Family Support Center;  Photo Credit: Caroline Yung

Over the last two weeks Pop Wuj visited the communities of Llanos Del Pinal, Chirijkiak, and San Juan Ostuncalco and distributed scholarships (becas in Spanish) directly to the mothers of 51 students.  With a total of 129 students in the scholarship program, the mothers of other recipients either pick up their becas directly at Pop Wuj, or it is paid directly to the student’s school as as part of their tuition. 
Mothers from Chirijkiak receiving their becas
In Guatemala, secondary school enrollment for students of official studying age was 46% in 2010 (World Bank, 2013).  These rates are even lower rates for females, indigenous, and those living in rural areas, a majority of the population served by Pop Wuj.  Becas of 100 Quetzales or roughly $13 US per month can be spent at the parents' discretion, and whether it is used for purchasing additional food for the family, or for school supplies and uniforms - the scholarships provide a financial incentive to keep kids in school.

Above two photos:  A few of our moms from Llanos Del Pinal

In our visits to San Juan Ostuncalco and Llanos del Pinal, we were lucky enough to have students of the Pop Wuj Social Work Program, Dorlisa and Gina lead a presentation on Effective Communication with your Child.  The talk began with what types of characteristics one would look for in a confidant, included a skit with several scenarios of some common interactions between mother and child, and a discussion on possible barriers to communication.  The two take-home points of the talk on methods to improve communication with your child were: 
  • Having special time with your child apart from all other activities such as work around the house
  • Allowing your child to have a choice in the activity itself

Gina and Dorlisa (left to right) in the midst of their presentation 

The presentation was well received by the mothers and began a stimulating discussion about communication methods and ways the mothers spent time with their children.  

If you would like to make a targeted donation through our partner, the Foundation Todos Juntos (click here) and fund a Pop Wuj scholarship ($160 US per year), you will become a well-needed padrino/madrina (godfather/godmother) to one of our students, and we will send you an annual update on their academic progress.  

Photo credit: Caroline Yung 2013 

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