Monday, October 7, 2013

Elotada 2013 - Crazy for Corn!

On September 12, Pop Wuj students, teachers, coordinators, and directors visited the community of Chirijkiak to celebrate with an Elotada, also known as the corn harvest.  Elote means corn on the cob in Spanish. 

Pop Wuj has worked with this community for over 18 years, providing scholarships to students, participating in reforestation projects during the rainy season, and in previous years also building latrines and safe stoves. 

At the Elotada, Pop Wuj students were introduced to family members of the scholarship recipients (becados), learned about the community, and then began the feast on elotes.

Everyone from Pop Wuj was given at least two or three!  We dressed the elotes ourselves with a range of toppings including lime, salt, mustard, ketchup, mayonaise and hot sauce.  All dressed, an elote transforms into an elote loco, ‘crazy corn’.

Full of corn, and grinning from ear to ear, the Pop Wuj group returned back to Xela for the afternoon.

Gina, looking very impressed at Caroline's elote loco
Fredy halfway through his third elote!
Aleya with one of the becadas from Chirijkiak
Carmen and Roney
Amy, Carmelina and Lesley having a good laugh at.... they still won't tell us at what!
Doña Aniceta, one of the mothers of the becados

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