Saturday, October 5, 2013

Pop Wuj Nutrition Meetings in August and September

On August 8 and September 14 Pop Wuj held nutrition meetings in the communities of Llanos del Pinal, Buena Vista, and La Victoria.  
  • August ended our third and final month of expansion, and in addition to our continuing participants, we had approximately ten infants entering the program, and two new graduates as well.  
  • September was not an official expansion month, but we had five new entrants.

According to statistics from the Guatemalan government, in 2012, 48% of children under the age of five are chronically malnourished, and within the indigenous population, the percentage increases to 80%.

The Nutrition Program, with the funding support from the Pop Wuj Spanish School, individual donations, and in large part from Timmy Global Health, provides well needed supplements such as Nutributter and Pumply'Nut to infants and children between the ages of six and twenty-four months to assist in growth and development during this critical period.  

Enjoying Nutributter!

At each monthly clinic, Pop Wuj students from the Medical Spanish Program and the Social Work Spanish Program prepare a short educational presentation for the mothers in the program.
  • The August Nutrition Meeting included a presentation on healthy eating behavior for babies: what to do if your baby is sick, as well as the type and quantity of food and drinks your baby should be eating at various age groups.
  • The September Nutrition Meeting offered a presentation on family planning - types of contraception available, a quick comparison of the uses and risks of each, as well as a discussion on the optimal time period to wait in between pregnancies, for both the mother and her baby.

 Jeff, Joanne, Liz, and Anna (left to right) offering an educational session on infants' diets
Left to Right: Ali, Myriah and Jenny sharing a presentation on family planning and contraceptive methods
Dr. Carmen Rosa, Tina, and Jeff discuss the Nutrition Program

After our presentation to the moms, volunteers from the Pop Wuj Medical and Social Work Spanish Programs measured the height, weight and head circumference of each baby.  While seemingly easy during our nutrition program training, this proved to be the most difficult part!

Baby Ashley being very cooperative

Medical Spanish Program students, Anna, Jack and Ariela measuring height

Medical Spanish Program students Theresa and Pascual carefully prepping one of our participants to be weighed
After being measured and weighted, mom and baby moved on to visit one of our local doctors on site, an evaluation of the infant’s progress was made, and depending on the outcome, Nutributter or Pumply'Nut was given.  In addition to the supplements for the babies, we offered children multi-vitamins for siblings, prenatal vitamins for the mothers and Incaparina, a fortified soy and corn-based protein powder, to be shared by the whole family.

Post and Photo Credit:  Caroline Yung

Two of Doña Luisa's children at the meeting in Buena Vista

Three generations of participants in the Pop Wuj Nutrition Program (going right to left) Grandma, daughters, and each of their respective babies)

Amy describing information on an upcoming surgical mission by Dr. Ryan Brown

After a long and fun morning - ready to head back to Xela!

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