Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Safe Stove Project: Building Begins

The past three weeks many Pop Wuj students have volunteered their time to help out with construction of safe stoves on Wenesday mornings. 

Pop Wuj coordinators:Shanti & Dawn along with med students: Ben, Inge & Dan working on Stage 2

So far we have completed the construction of one stove and started the construction of four  more. The building process takes place in three stages. In the first stage, the base of the stove is built using cinder blocks and cement. 

In the second stage, three layers of bricks are added onto the base and are held together by cement and a mixture of clay "barro" and "panela" (unrefined whole cane sugar). 

Mynor (Safe Stove Expert & Pop Wuj Spanish Teacher) finishing up Stage 2
Here is Doña Michaela from Tierra Colorada Baja (a rural community outside of Xela). This was her cooking space before she received her safe stove. 

During Stage 3 the construction of the inside of the stove is completed and the "plancha" (metal stove top) is added along with the chimney. Cement is added on top of the last layer of bricks to firmly hold the plancha. It also gives the stove a great look! 

Here is a picture of the final product! Stage 3 is complete for Doña Michaela. She was the first to receive a stove this year! 

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