Friday, February 7, 2014

Safe Stove Project: Delivery of Materials January 2014

On Wednesday January 22nd stove materials were delivered to 10 homes in the community of Llanos del Pinal to prepare for the construction of safe stoves in the weeks to come.

First stop: picking up bricks and clay at Xela's local brick maker

The Safe Stove Project was created to combat respiratory illnesses caused by the constant interaction of cooking with open fires and deforestation due to increased consumption of firewood. Furthermore, this increases protection for children and minimizes the frequent accidents that can occur around an open fire in the home.

Pop Wuj volunteer coordinators, Spanish students, teaching staff, and safe stove beneficiaries worked hard all morning to deliver the materials.

Each home recieved 110 bricks, concrete blocks, clay, cement, metal parts to construct the chimney, and a "plancha" (stove top). 

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