Friday, April 25, 2014

Saying Goodbye: La Despedida de Dawn, Shanti, y Bronny

by Amy Scheuren

In mid-April Pop Wuj and the staff and children at the Family Support Center in Llanos del Pinal said goodbye to three fantastic interns:  Shanti, Dawn, and Bronny.

Relaxing before a Thursday night dinner

Dawn and Bronny were coordinators at the Family Support Center and Shanti worked in all of the Pop Wuj projects as the General Projects Coordinator.  These three lovely ladies accomplished so much during their three months in Xela and made my life so much easier!

Dawn and her signature moves


To celebrate the end of a wonderful three months, we held a music and dance party at the Family Support Center.  Rain, Pop Wuj's new General Projects Coordinator played the violin/fiddle and Jhonny DJ'd as the kids, staff, and volunteers danced and played games like limbo and musical chairs.

Our kiddos and limbo
More limbo fun

Dawn and Rain

A huge thank you to Dawn, Bronny, and Shanti.  We miss you already and can't wait for your return!

Pop Wuj receives interns via our partnership with Entremundos, a local NGO.  For more information and to apply to be an intern/long-term volunteer, please visit Entremundos.

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