Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Semana Santa Activities, April 14th and 15th

Students from the Family Support Center kept busy with an extra project at Pop Wuj during Semana Santa (Holy Week). One day the students over twelve years old traveled to Xela to enjoy their day off by cooking pizza, preparing salad, and relaxing with a movie and popcorn. Another day the other students helped volunteers with a side project in Llanos de Pinal. In one day of work we replaced the roof and the damaged siding on a home, all while enjoying good food and company. 

Brandon (green sweatshirt), a student from the Family Support Center, helps volunteers replace rotten beams.

Students from the Family Support Center and volunteers in front of the home.
A stage two stove is also under construction inside the house, part of our Safe Stove Project.

Family Support Center teachers Lidia and Carmelina help students prepare a fruit salad for the family and workers.

Students, volunteers, and family members take a moment to rest and enjoy.

Gustavo, a teacher at the Family Support Center, with the baby of the house.

Three of the older girls from the Family Support Center with Pop Wuj General Projects Coordinator Rain.

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