Monday, August 18, 2014

Branching out: Reforestation in La Victoria

On Thursday, July 31st, a group of students and staff members of Pop Wuj climbed up a trail on the mountainside in La Victoria to plant trees. This activity is part of the Reforestation Project at Pop Wuj. We planted cyprus, white pine, and holm oak (encino).

Carmencita, speaking with community members and Pop Wuj students before starting the activity.

They were accompanied by the families that owned the plot of land on the mountainside.

Everybody worked together to dig holes, fill them with water, place the "arbolitos" (seedlings) and pack the dirt around them.

We made sure to water the little trees sufficiently to keep them healthy despite the recent lack of rain in the area.

We planted 35 trees and distributed the remaining 40 trees to the families who attended the community meeting.

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