Monday, August 25, 2014

Clinic Renovations

The Pop Wuj Clinic has been in need of some serious repairs and renovations.  Over the last month and a half we have been cleaning out, organizing, repairing, building, painting, and cleaning to improve the physical conditions of the clinic.

The new wall for clinic room #3

Step one of the new storage closet

The completed closet!

We changed the space of the third clinic room, adding a new wall and door, while opening up a hallway to the bathroom.  We also built a new closet to help store supplies.  The lighting was improved as well.  

New paint!

The new pharmacy door and more painting

We replaced the pharmacy half door with a full-sized door and started using the pharmacy window to distribute medications to the patients.  Finally we painted the clinic and cleaned EVERYTHING.

The freshly painted triage space

The pharmacy, patiently waiting to be restocked

The new clinic #3

Clinic #1 with new paint

The view from the pharmacy

A special thank you to all of the folks who contributed hours and days for the improvement of the clinic, including Mako, Cesar, Carmelina, Yoli, Ashley, Carmencita, Roney, Carmen Rosa, Sammy, Hugo, Edmundo, and Pop Wuj Medical Spanish students Kristen and Rebecca.

The clinic was ready to go for the Timmy Global Health brigade that visited Pop Wuj the week of August 18, 2014.

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