Monday, February 23, 2015

El Día de San Valentin: A Two-Part Celebration

Valentine's Day, El Día del Cariño, El Día de Amistad, El Día de San Valentin, whatever you want to call it, we celebrated with a two-part celebration on February 12th and February 13th at the Family Support Center.

On Thursday afternoon we shared the story of St. Valentine and conducted an activity with the children and youth.  Each child received a red heart with the words "¿Que es amistad?" (What is friendship?) written on it.  Each participant wrote their answer on the back of the heart and then we exchanged hearts.  The new owner of the heart then read their peer's answer.  Sharing was a common theme, as was "not saying bad words."  Ha!  The project participants then exchanged chocolates and a giant Valentine's Day card with Pop Wuj. 

Santos, sharing the story of San Valentin

Pop Wuj students and project participants working on their hearts

Enjoying white chocolate truffles
On Friday morning Carmencita and Amy returned to Llanos del Pinal with quite a haul of ice cream and toppings.  We made banana splits to share with the children and youth.  Unfortunately there was no school in Llanos on Friday, but fortunately that meant that we were able to share the ice cream with a large group of kids!  The participants that attend the project in the afternoon enjoyed their banana splits in the afternoon.

Lidia, dishing up the ice cream

Maria, adding the chocolate syrup

Homework didn't stop because we had ice cream

Las hermanas!

Concentrating hard on their ice cream

Auri, Norma, and Amy with their ice cream

After eating their banana splits, the kiddos claimed to be so cold that they needed to go outside to be warmed up by the sunshine (and the playground).

 All in all, it was a great two-day celebration in Llanos del Pinal!

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