Thursday, February 26, 2015

Carnival Comes to the Family Support Center!

For days and weeks the Family Support Center children and youth have been cutting pica pica (confetti) and preparing for the Carnival celebration.  They saved egg shells, decorated them, and filled them with homemade confetti.

Because of this once-a-year celebration, Pop Wuj students traveled out to Llanos del Pinal on Tuesday of last week.  We intended to work on homework, read, and then "jugar cascarones" for Carnival.  However most kids didn't have homework and had already read by the time we arrived.

Alex, a current Pop Wuj student, brought his violin/fiddle and got to work entertaining the kids with songs in English and in Spanish.  The music even continued outside during recess.

Then we finally came together to crack eggshells over each others heads in celebration of Carnival.  Each child received 5 cascarones and the fun started on the count of three.  1, 2, 3!

Ay, pero como pica!

What a happy mess!

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