Monday, March 9, 2015

Safe Stoves with Dave and Kathy!

Photos by Laura Berger

Pop Wuj was happy to once again receive long-time volunteers and friends Dave and Kathy in January.  They started with the Safe Stove Project when we were still building in Pacaxoj, Momostenango and have built stoves in numerous rural communities over a period of several years.

This January they joined us as we began building the stoves in our current group in Llanos del Pinal.  They led groups of Pop Wuj students and worked on six stages during their stay.  That is the equivalent of three complete stoves!  They helped us increase our capacity and some Wednesdays we had three groups building in three different homes!

Two stove building groups outside the home of Doña Surama Noemi in Llanos del Pinal

Basic tools for stove building

Mynor, finishing off Stage 1 (the base)

Doña Vicente and her daughter with the base of their new stove

Laura, a Pop Wuj student, and Marilu and Zulma, Pop Wuj teachers, using clay during Stage 2

Dave, mixing cement

Mynor working on a Stage 2

Thanks Dave and Kathy for your continued support. We loved having you in town again--come back soon!

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