Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Let's Go Fly a Kite

Text by Albizael Del Valle. Photos by Elizabeth Barnes. 

Since all the students who are part of the Family Support Center are now enjoying school vacation, it's time for them to indulge in creative/fun activities. 

Eduardo and Oscar walk with Amy to the park
Last week the children put their free time to use by building barriletes (kites). The barriletes were decorated and shaped as the students pleased, using their favorite colors and designs to be displayed as the kites glided through the sky. 

Finishing touches to the kites

Since the Family Support Center students are divided by age/grade, every kite was built in their groups. However the older groups made group kites. The older elementary school group taught by Santos made an average size kite that surprised everyone with how well it flew and how high it went. Gustavo's middle and high school group made a colossal kite measuring around 8 feet across. This kite did not go very high and only flew for minutes at a time but it was a thrill (and good exercise) to get this kite off the ground. 

Massive kite taking flight 

Going to the park and flying kites was a fun for everyone, from the little kids, who ran as their kites chased them only one foot behind, to the adults and educators who spectated and helped some of the children with their kites.

Gustavo, the teacher responsible for the massive kite, and his son Emanuel

Carmelina helping kids with their kites
Heading back to the project after flying the kites

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