Friday, October 30, 2015

Timmy Global Health Brigade - Day 5 in Xela

Text by Albizael Del Valle

The last day of the Timmy Global Health Brigade took place at the Pop Wuj clinic in Quetzaltenango. A great number of patients who were seen on Friday suffered from diabetes and high blood pressure among other things. The regular clinic patients were present on Friday and others who recently learned about the work Pop Wuj's clinic does all year round for the community.

Nearly 70 patients were treated on Friday. Patients came through the doors for follow-up visits and medication refills while others were diagnosed, prescribed medicine, and given the appropriate medicine for their medical problems.

At the end of the day, we said goodbye to the Timmy Brigade Team as they went on their way to Antigua, and eventually back to their homes, continuing to exercise their professions in the United States. We are grateful for this team and their effort to support families in various communities as they struggle to become healthier organisms in a tough socio-economic predicament.

Shanti Aguilar and Ashley Aue, the medical programs coordinators, did a wonderful job organizing this brigade and making sure the activities went accordingly.

Dr. Barbara, Pop Wuj staff doctor, attending patients (Photo by Ashley Aue)
Lubi, Pop Wuj's nurse, registering all patients  (Photo by Ashley Aue)
Dr. Loung his translator are both part of the Timmy Brigade team. (Photo taken Dr. Loung)
Pharmacy staffers split into two teams -- one to fill prescriptions for patients with odd registration numbers, and one for even. (Photo by Elizabeth Barnes)

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