Thursday, October 29, 2015

Timmy Global Health Brigade - Day 4 in Buena Vista

Last Thursday the Timmy Global Health Brigade held their most ambitious mobile clinic. We traveled 45 minutes to Buena Vista, a Mam community with a large health center that we were able to take over for the day.

One of our volunteer Timmy doctors pauses on her way to her consultation area on the second floor. In Buena Vista there was enough space to give each doctor, the vitals station, and the pharmacy their own room. (Photo by Elizabeth Barnes)
Patients wait outside the health center to register for the day's clinic. (Photo by Elizabeth Barnes)
We arrived around 8:30 a.m., unloaded the minibuses, and circled up for a quick meeting.

(Photo by Jennifer Grassman)
Doña Ana, the midwife who runs the health center, welcomed the Timmy volunteers and introduced our local translators. Just as Kaqchikel translators helped us in Pujujil, local Mam translators bridged our language gap in Buena Vista.

A Timmy pharmacist and nurse check prescriptions a final time before passing them to a translator trained in distributing medications. (Photo by Elizabeth Barnes)
A student in Pop Wuj's Medical Spanish Program writes up prescriptions after a consultation. Students currently in the program came to Buena Vista in the morning to help with vitals and consultations before heading back to Xela for lunch with their host families and Spanish class in the afternoon. (Photo by Elizabeth Barnes)
Medical Programs Coordinators Ashley Aue (far left) and Shanti Aguilar (third from right) pitch in to distribute medications at the end of the day. (Photo by Elizabeth Barnes)
At each clinic, a volunteer from the vitals station adds each patient's name and registration number to a list on the wall so that when doctors are ready, they can simply check the list and call the next name. (Photo by Elizabeth Barnes)

By the time the last patient received their medications around 5:30 p.m., the Timmy team had seen 103 patients! Given that on most days we saw around 80, we were thrilled to have been able to serve so many people.

Thanks to everyone for a long, hard day of work!

(Photo by Ashley Aue)

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