Wednesday, December 23, 2015

2015 Scholarship Assembly

Text by Amy Scheuren
Photos by Albizael Del Valle

Pop Wuj hosted its annual scholarship assembly on Wednesday, December 2, 2015. We invited all 131 scholarship students and their families to Pop Wuj for the annual event.  In 2015 Pop Wuj had 65 students studying in primary school, 32 students in basico (middle school), 21 in high school, 7 in post-secondary education, and 6 in special education programs.  Unfortunately not all of the students were able to attend the assembly.

The morning started with a medical check-up in the Pop Wuj clinic for all scholarship students.  Then the scholarship students wrote and drew cards to their sponsors (padrinos and madrinas) and then eagerly awaited the beginning of the assembly.

We weighed and measured all of the students.

Writing letters

Working on letters and pictures

Carmen de Alvarado recognized this year's graduates, including 15 who graduated from primary school, 7 from middle school, and 7 high school graduates.  Then Roney Alvarado spoke to the students and their families about how the Pop Wuj Scholarship Program works and the importance of educaiton.  We also had some music from Angelica, a scholarship student who will begin university in 2016. 

Carmencita speaking to the group of students and families

Practicing "Noche de Paz"

2016 primary school graduates (and a few family member members!)

Some of our middle school (basico) graduates

Three of our high school graduates

If you'd like to sponsor a student's education for 2016, please donate $170 USD via Foundation Todos Juntos and specify that you would like your donation to support a scholarship student.  Your student will be assigned to you early next year.  The new school year begins in mid-January!

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