Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Feliz Navidad Desde Llanos del Pinal!

Text and Photos by Amy Scheuren except as noted

Our final Family Support Center activity of 2015 was the Christmas Party.  We invited the participants' family members to join the kids, the staff, and volunteers at the Family Support Center on Thursday, December 17th. 

We arrived with piles and piles of gifts for the children, staff, and parents.  Each child received a new pair of school shoes, a new fleece jacket, and a small gift.  The staff members also received a fleece jacket and all of the parents received photos of their children. After distributing the gifts everyone enjoyed a traditional Guatemalan Christmas meal of tamales de arroz and caliente (rice tamales and a hot fruit and spice drink).

Our tree, tons of gifts, and a carpet of pine needles!

Some of our kiddos and their families waiting for the festivities to begin.

Thanks to Carmencita's tenacious Christmas shopping, we found candy canes in the Terminal Market and were able to play Dawn's candy cane game.  The object of the game is to pass the candy cane down the line, using only your candy cane--which is in your mouth!  We played three rounds with the kids and one round with the parents.  Everyone got at least one candy cane to enjoy--and some persuasive 11 year olds also received an extra candy cane.

Passing the candy cane!

Candy cane passing with close oversight from Jonathan
These two seemed to have experience at this game!
Photo by Ashley Aue

Distributing the presents

Making space in the pine needles for the trucks!

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