Wednesday, February 20, 2013

La Asamblea de Becados, December 12, 2012

Every December Pop Wuj hosts a year-end event for all scholarship recipients and their families.   In December 2012, the Annual Scholarship Assembly (La Asamblea de Becados) started with a health check-up for all scholarship students, followed by several speakers, and acknowledgement of the students who graduated from 6th grade and 9th grade (the end of básico).  The day included a typical Guatemalan meal and a "paca" to generate income to help cover the expenses of the day.  All students left with a bag of new school supplies to be used in the 2013 school year.

In addition to Carmen and Rony, several students also spoke about their education and future opportunities, thanking those who have supported and encouraged them along the way.  Jose, a former Family Support Center participant and current scholarship program participant, spoke about his plans to continue his studies at Tecnológico Don Bosco in Xela in 2013. 

Gladis, a former scholarship program participant, also spoke to the students and families.  She just graduated from university with a law degree and cited both her family's support and the Pop Wuj project as key factors in achieving her goal.  Gladis emphasized that all of the students in the program are capable of achieving their goals, but they must study and not marry as teenagers.   

Pop Wuj provides partial scholarships for over 130 students, from kindergarten to university.  In 2012, Pop Wuj's project supported 66 primary students and 72 secondary students.  Seven students completed 6th grade and nine students completed básico (the equilvalent of 9th grade).  

We're looking forward to another great year of educational support in 2013!

Becados from Chirijkiak

Becados from Tierra Colorada and Xecaracoj

Becados from Llanos del Pinal

Becados from San Juan Ostuncalco

Some of the becados from Xeabaj II

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