Wednesday, February 13, 2013

New Season has started!

Doña Rosa and Anssel photo by Juan Burlew
Choosing the right place photo by Juan Burlew
 On Wednesday February 6th, we started a new season of safe stove building.  In our "meeting" post, we mention an elderly woman, "Dona Rosa" who was desperately in need of her new stove.  We prioritized her need and started our new cycle at her home.   Doña Rosa's face lit up when we came to her house. Students and teachers worked side to side to start this new safe stove.  A group of 6 people showed up at her home willing to get their hands dirty, to move heavy cinder blocks, prepare concrete, and make sure that the base of this stove was level and perfect to continue with the second stage. 

The same day we started a second stove with another group of teachers and volunteers of our Spanish immersion program.  Doña Josefina, was also selected to be one of the first to start the building of her stove. This group of teachers and students, as with the other group, worked as hard and meticulously  as possible to create a wonderful base that is a very important piece for the second stage to be perfect. 
Jen and Perry photo by Juan Burlew
The first layer photo by Juan Burlew
Leveling By Juan Burlew
We have to thank all the teachers and volunteers for their dedication and enthusiasm.  I witnessed how Pop Wuj unifies a community.  I saw students roll up their sleeves and work alongside community members to haul materials, wet blocks and mix cement. In addition to these dedicated volunteers we want to thank you, our readers, for your past, present and future support of  such a noble cause!  Stage two coming soon!
Final touches photo by Juan Burlew

Final product being supervised! photo by Juan Burlew

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