Thursday, February 7, 2013

Materials Buying Day

Wednesday January 30th our new stove cycle got off to a grand start. With the help of Pop Wuj Spanish language school volunteers, Pop Wuj staff and family members of the stove group, we delivered all the materials for new “estufas” to the Llanos del Pinal community. The day started early with volunteers arriving at 7:30 and family members catching early buses for the Xela rendezvous.  At the end of the day we had delivered 270 blocks, 990 bricks, 9 bags of cement, 18 sacks of clay, 9 planchas (metal tops) and 9 chimneys to the project sites.

     Nine families were chosen in the Llanos community to receive stoves during this construction cycle. One additional stove was constructed at a home in Xela and served as the training project for the two new project coordinators.  Stoves will be built in four stages using volunteers, staff and family members. Participants are chosen based on need and the community where they reside. Often these women are cooking over an open flame which contributes to health problems for themselves, as well as other family members.
 In  addition to the health benefits, these more efficient, well-ventilated stoves burn less fuel and minimize  deforestation.

Photos by Juan Burlew
At the end of the day, with soiled clothes and sore muscles, we fondly bid farewell to the community members with a promise to return and begin the initial building phase of the project. Happy for the opportunity to contribute to such a worthwhile project, we piled in the back of the truck for the trek back to Xela and much needed showers.

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