Thursday, March 6, 2014

Celebrating Carnival with Cascarones!

On Tuesday 4th March we celebrated Carnival with cascarones!  The children have been preparing their cascarones for over a week now.

Lining up for the cascarones in anticipation of the action!

Many of the kids had already begun to make and break cascarones so they could 'practice' before the start of Carnival

Coordinators, Spanish students, and teachers were all armed with their own cascarones 

Guayo, Marcelo and Julio getting ready to break their cascarones!

And the cascaron breaking begins!

Jessica, with cascarones in hand, looking for her first victim...

She gets a helping hand from Carmelina to crack it over Angelica's head! 

Leti, who is already covered in pica pica, is set upon by Selvin

Ingrid sets about cleaning up after the fray

The coordinators head home covered in flour and pica pica...luckily escaping the raw egg breaking!

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