Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Celebrating El Día Mundial del Agua at the Family Support Centre

World Water Day has been observed since 1993, when the United Nations General Assembly declared the 22nd of March as the "World Day for Water."  On March 21st, we recognised this important day at the Family Support Centre with an excursion to the local well and information about the local water system.

Heading off from the Centre to the well which provides water to a large part of Llanos del Pinal,
including the Family Support Centre.
The well is located in the center of Llanos del Pinal and is 132 meters deep.

The children and coordinators walking towards the well

Once we arrived at the well, Don Marcelino kindly explained to us and showed us how the well and the pump function.
Don Marcelino is the father of some of the participants at the Family Support Centre
and works in the Llanos del Pinal water project. 

After this, everyone was interested to further understand the water system in Llanos, so we
headed off on a 20-minute walk with Don Marcelino to view the water tank.

Evelyn, Jessica, Carmen Maria, and Ingrid all ready to start the steep journey up to the water tank

Don Marcelino explaining the water system, from well to tank to homes
The water is pumped up the mountainside (volcano side!) to the water tank.  From here it's distributed to over 1,000 homes in Llanos del Pinal.

The children listening intently to what Don Marcelino has to say

After listening to the explanations of how water is provided to many in Llanos,
we headed back to the Family Support Centre

With everyone admiring the beautiful view along the way

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