Wednesday, March 5, 2014

El Día de Tecun Uman

On Thursday 20th February, as in all of Guatemala, we commemorated the valiant K'iche' Maya ruler - Tecun Uman - at the Family Support Centre.  Carolina and Carmencita read the history behind the battle between Tecun Uman and the Spanish invaders while Marcelo, Guayo, Arturo, and Julio re-enacted the scene.

Carolina preparing for the talk on the history behind the legend of Tecun Uman

Julio preparing to re-enact his part as Tecun Uman

Guayo readying Tecun Uman (Julio) for the battle by ceremonially burning incense around him

Tecun Uman (Julio) ready to take on Pedro de Alvarado (Marcelo) in the battle which actually took place in 1524 not far from Llanos del Pinal.

Tecun Uman was killed by Pedro de Alvarado in the battle but he did not die in vain as the K'iche' Maya still live on to this day.

Pedro de Alvarado (Marcelo) and Tecun Uman (Julio) preparing to do battle for a second time.  The children enjoyed the story and performance so much that they were excited to hear it and watch it again

Amy and Fredy getting in on the action

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