Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Staff Meeting at the Family Support Center

It’s been a busy few weeks at the Family Support Center, formerly la Guardería. The school year ends on October 15th and all of the children are working hard to finish homework and study for exams. Last Friday, Pop Wuj headed out to Llano del Pinal to meet with the staff at the Family Support Center and discuss each child – all 40 of them. The main focus of the meeting was to determine if any of the children were at risk of failing their current grade, thereby being forced to repeat the year or go to recuperación during school vacation.

Starting the staff meeting

After a long meeting, we were able to pinpoint which children were struggling and in what areas. Math proved to be the subject that caused the most trouble among students of all ages. Multiplication tables, in particular, are a challenge for a lot of students.

Knowing this, the staff and volunteers plan to be at the Center in full force, devoting individual attention to the students who need it most. We are also working on finding fun ways to teach and learn multiplication tables once and for all through various games and strategies!

Discussing the needs of individual students

While the next two weeks will be a lot of work for everyone, the end of the school year signals the arrival of vacaciones and a long break from the daily school routine. The Family Support Center will be open all day throughout summer vacation, so many fun and educational activities are being planned for the next two months.

As the rainy season slowly fades away, we hope to involve the students in a ton of outdoor activities such as gardening, recycling, soccer tournaments, and hikes! We certainly have a lot to look forward to at the Family Support Center.

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