Monday, October 27, 2014

Vacation at the Family Support Center!

The last month at the Family Support Center has been focused on preparing the children and youth for the end of the school year exams. This has meant a lot of reading, homework help, and working on multiplication tables. School is now out for most of the FSC participants and we have a lot to look forward to during vacation.

To kick off the end of the school year, we hosted a Halloween party on Friday, October 31st. In the week leading up to the fiesta we began making kites at the FSC as a way to celebrate the festivities surrounding Day of the Dead and All Saint's Day. Throughout the holiday weekend, families throughout Central America gathered in cemeteries to honor the dead. The kites, or barriletes, are thought to carry messages up to the spirits in heaven.

Intense kite making

We also have some big plans for our little garden at the Family Support Center! The other week we all spent some time outside weeding. With hands and tools we have begun to dig out the weeds that have sprung up among our remaining onions and chard during the rainy season. We're thinking about planting another round of fast-growing radishes as well.

Weeding the chard

Post-weeding chard

Since the produce from the garden is used to supplement food costs at the Family Support Center, we plan to take full advantage of the remaining wet soil from the rainy season in order to plant and harvest even more vegetables!

We also started teaching classes in Math, English, and K'iche', so that FSC participants are able to brush up on their skills during vacation. Amy, Adam, Lily, and Emma teach math and English classes, while Santos teaches K'iche'.

Emma's math class

Emma's math class

Amy's attempt at an outdoor math class

Other fun activities that we will be continuing from last year include Olympics, water games, and hikes around the valley! Stay tuned!

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