Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Sound of Music at the Family Support Center

Almost every day before snack time at the Family Support Center, five-year-old Oscar enlightens us with his multifaceted musical talents, whether it be a rendition of Justin Bieber’s “Baby” or freestyle beat-boxing. Back in Xela, one of Pop Wuj’s social work students is often found on the roof after class playing guitar and singing. This seemed like a match made in heaven and got the ball rolling for a music activity for celebrate El Día del Niño, or International Day of the Child.

Michael, on the roof of Pop Wuj
Every Thursday afternoon students from Pop Wuj visit the Family Support Center. Although there has been a lot of emphasis on homework help in the final weeks of school before exams, we’ve managed to make time for some fun as well.  Music day ended up being the perfect way to take a break from studying, for the Pop Wuj students and Family Support Center children alike.

The wonderful and talented Michael came out to Llanos del Pinal with his guitar, ready to sing with the kids and teach them a little bit about rhythm and harmony. With the help of another Pop Wuj student, Johanne, they were able to break the kids up into four different groups, each of which was responsible for a particular sound.

Johanne, writing lyrics for the kids

The Center was filled with a symphony of sound and laughter. We ended the afternoon with a lovely performance from Michael and promises to renew the music activities during vacation!

Volunteers, heading back to Xela

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