Friday, November 28, 2014

Dibujar con Luz: Photography Workshops with the Family Support Center Grandes

Text by Amy Scheuren
Photos by Jeff Leventhal and Amy Scheuren

The older youth at the Family Support Center participated in the now annual photography workshop and activity.  This year we divided the group in two--one group consisting of the kids that were new to photography and the other group of youth who had participated in a photo workshop in 2013.

We started with the beginners on Thursday 11/13/14.  Five youth attended a workshop with Voces de Cambio (Voices of Change) a Xela writing and photography/youth development project for young women and girls.
Ice Breaker

Ice Breaker

Still breaking the ice

After the ice breaker, we learned about the history of photography as well as different types of photos, including portrait, landscape, publicity, still life, abstract, and photojournalism.  The kids were also introduced to the rule of thirds and then released to Parque Central to take photos for about an hour.

Receiving a digital camera

Pictures in the park

Pictures of pigeons in the park

Pensive Selvin

Part two of the photography project included the rest of the 13- to 19-year-olds who had already participated in the beginner workshop last year.  We reviewed the different genres and then learned about composition and the rule of thirds.  This group also went to Parque Central to capture images.

This week the kids will review their photos, talk about them, and choose the best five from each photographer.  We hope to have the photo exhibit completed for the Christmas party in mid December.  Special thanks to Dalila, Ester, and Omar at Voces de Cambio!

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