Wednesday, November 19, 2014

More Family Support Center Vacation Activities

Text by Amy Scheuren
Photos from Jeff Leventhal

Friday October 31st was a big day for the Family Support Center participants.  As we’ve already shared, the afternoon included tons of Halloween costumes, scary stories, and jack-o-lanterns during the Halloween party.  

However the morning was just as busy.  The older kids, ages 12-19 years, traveled to Xela to prepare the dessert for the party.  The group of 13 arrived promptly at Pop Wuj at 9am and had a laugh before dividing into two groups.

Half of the group set to work on making apple crisp while the other half began working on the decorations for the Halloween party.  The groups traded activities halfway through the morning.

The kids washed, peeled, and cut the apples while others prepared the sugary, oatmeal mixture that would go on top.  Other kids worked on the first jack-o-lantern.
Damaris and Angelica get to work

Peeling and cutting apples

Gaby and Carmencita work on the second batch

Two trays in!

Three apple crisps cooling

Jacqueline and Angelica matando a una calabaza

Jacqueline separating seeds

In the other room Lena, a Pop Wuj Social Work Spanish student, Adam, and Lily, worked with the kids on creating decorations and later playing board games. 

Gaby and her pumpkin

Selvin creates a bat


'Fred' and the group

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