Tuesday, January 20, 2015

El Año Nuevo: Starting the New Year at the Family Support Center

The staff of the Family Support Center as well as Pop Wuj staff met on Friday January 16 to begin the work of 2015.  We came together to discuss logistics and planning, but also to start fresh with a staff development activity and the lighting of colored candles.

L-R: Gustavo, Lety, Doña Laura, Carmelina, and Doña Delfina

L-R: Carmelina, Doña Delfina, Doña Silvia, Carmencita, and Santos

This week we are starting to clean, paint, and organize the site.  We will also have two days of registration for the families.  We expect to open our doors to the children and youth on Monday January 26, 2015.

Just a few of the new additions to the Family Support Center library--especially for the grandes!

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