Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Photography Results: The Best of the Best!

In November, the older participants at the Family Support Center attended photography workshops offered by Voces de Cambio, a Xela youth development program that focuses on writing and photography.

Each of our participants selected their favorite photos for printing and chose what they considered their best photo.  I asked each one to remember what we learned in the workshops, including the rule of thirds, lighting, the perspective of the camera, etc. in selecting their best photo.  Here are the results!

Photo by Angelica, "I used the rule of thirds.  You can see some of the dirt, but the focus is on the flower."

Photo by Brandon

Photo by Damaris

Photo by Carolina

Photo by Maria, "It looks like a sun with something behind it.  It's like a flower."

Photo by Carmencita, "I placed the flowers together.  I liked the colors."

Photo by Luisa, "It's an abstract photo.  I liked the colors."

Photo by Gaby, "I like how the branches are."

Photo by Jaqueline

Photo by Jenny, "He's working an honest job and not stealing."

Photo by Selvin

Photo by Erick, "It reminds me of the balcony in Romeo and Juliet."

Photo by Yesica, "This is something that's important for the country."

Photo by Cristobal, "It has a good perspective.  I only wanted a photo of the garden
and I wasn't thinking about the reflection of the glass."

Photo by Lesly

The following photos were also very good photos, but not selected by the young photographers as their best work.

Photo by Carmencita

Photo by Cristobal

Photo by Erick

Photo by Lesly

Photo by Yesica

Photo by Carolina "Vista de rana"

Photo by Carolina

Photo by Carolina

Photo by Carolina
An all too familiar sight in Xela, Photo by Damaris

Feliz Navidad!  Photo by Damaris

Autoretrato/selfie, Photo by Damaris
Photo by Gaby

Photo by Gaby

Photo by Luisa

Photo by Maria

Amazing Perspective, Photo by Cristobal

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