Thursday, January 29, 2015

Safe Stove Material Delivery in January

Text and Photos by Lily Bodinson

In November we conducted stove interviews for families in Llanos del Pinal interested in getting involved in our Safe Stove Project. The result was seven new families that are getting stoves in the upcoming weeks and months! 

However, before we can start building the stoves, we have to pick up all of the materials from La Democracia market and other vendors and deliver them to Llanos.  

Bright and early on a January morning, Safe Stove Project families, Pop Wuj staff, and student volunteers met at the school to walk over to La Demo.

La Demo market as seen from the back of the delivery truck
The first stop was meeting up with the truck and picking up the stove tops and chimneys from a ferreteria (hardware store).

The inside of the truck after picking up the stove tops, chimneys, and other metal parts
Second stop - bricks! We were lucky to have so many volunteers for delivery day because it made loading the truck with bricks a whole lot easier and faster. We also loaded up bags of barro, which is the clay we use instead of cement on the inside of the stove.

Filling bags with clay
Third stop - cement! We picked up the bags of cement on our way to Llanos.

With the families and staff in the truck

Final stop - Llanos del Pinal! Due to the narrow, bumpy roads/paths, we had to stop the truck on the main road and form a long chain to pass materials to each of the houses. It was quite an efficient system and everyone pitched in and put in effort to make the delivery a smooth process.

Setting up the chain/brigade to pass the materials

Using a chain to delivery the materials

Thanks to all of the families and volunteers that came out for delivery day! We couldn't have done it without everyone's help!

More to come on stoves!

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